The Charlotte Mason Way Explained


The Charlotte Mason Way Explained is an easy to understand book that explains how to use this beloved method of education with your own homeschooling journey in today’s culture. Includes over 20 chapters, and additional resources.

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The Charlotte Mason Way Explained…

Are you overwhelmed with homeschooling, and looking for a more natural way to educate your children with a tried and proven method that has been loved by so many for over 100 years?

This concise book is easy to read and comprehend, allowing the reader to learn how to use the Charlotte Mason way to home educate their children in today’s culture.

  • Insights of how to use a beloved method
  • Examples of how a veteran homeschool mom used this method from preschool through high school
  • Perfect method for struggling learns and those looking for a natural way of learning

The Charlotte Mason way of educating has been successful for families with all ages, and grades, making it a perfect fit for those with multiple ages, including those with struggling learners.

Here is what is included: 

  • My Charlotte Mason Journey
  • Learning About Her Methods
  • Early Learning
  • Learning to Read
  • Developing a Motivated, Independent Learner
  • Copywork and Handwriting
  • Narration and Composition
  • Bible and Character Study
  • Memory Work
  • Living Books for Literature
  • Living Books for History
  • Living Books for Geography
  • Nature Studies and Journaling
  • Living Books for Nature
  • Living Books for Science
  • Math and Manipulatives
  • Music Appreciation
  • Art Appreciation
  • Foreign Language
  • High School
  • Audio Books and Drama Series
  • Visual Learning: The NEW Living Book
  • Record Keeping and Transcript
  • Evaluations and Grades
  • And more


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