Teaching with Cars


Teaching With Cars is an ebook full of printable for fun, hands-on learning for preschool and early elementary ages.

Hands-on learning for colors, numbers, addition and subtraction all while using these printables, and their own matchbox cars. They will love to learn through play, and you will love the results.

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Teaching With Cars will bring learning alive and making exciting for your child. Learning through play has been proven to be highly effective, and builds the foundation for the love of learning which is necessary for independent learning.


  • 11 colored cars, plus a blank one that can be colored
  • 20 yellow numbered cars 1-20
  • Addition sign, subtraction sign and equal sign
  • 26 green cars with lower case alphabets
  • 6 blank green cards that can be used for the child to learn how to spell their name
  • Alphabet manuscript with dots and lines
  • 1-20 manuscript with dots and lines



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