Finding Joy in Homeschooling: 27 Hacks to a Joy-filled Year


Finding Joy in Homeschooling: 27 Hacks for a Joy-filled Year is a collection of tried and proven step-by-step actions that I have taken from one year to the next to ensure that our homeschooling experiences joy, no matter what the year will bring.

If you start the year at picking curriculum, you may find that these hacks will do a world of difference to how you and your family experiences homeschooling once you implement them for your own journey.


The longer I have homeschooled, the more I have heard of other moms share with me about just how overwhelming it can be. I have been there myself. However, I have also found amazing joy in homeschooling that I can only say came from the what I have realized to be instrumenting things that ensured that no matter the situation, they worked to keep joy in our journey of homeschooling.

Finding Joy in Homeschooling: 27 Hacks to a Joy-filled Year is full of step-by-step tips that I have used at the start of each new year though the end of the year. Any year that I have left one of these things out of our homeschooling, it proved to be a year that didn’t equal our other years.

These hacks have been what has allowed joy to remain even when with restrained budgets threatened how we did homeschooling, month long sickness, health issues that were expected, and so much more.


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