Discipleship: A Character Curriculum Using Scripture

Discipleship: A Character Curriculum Using Scripture can be used as a simple parenting tool to reinforce good character in young children, who already know how to write, or a full curriculum, used for one year for high school, two years for middle school or three years for elementary.

Each year curriculum has assignments for a 5 day week, which include: copywork, word study, personal journal, prayer journal and the option for reading assignments.

Character traits studied: Honor, Love, Giving, Humility, Compassion, Peace, Truth, Righteousness, Faithfulness, Forgiveness, Purity, Joy.

Available in NIV and KJV


Does parenting tire you out and keep you feeling defeated in your desire to raise Christian children? Does the foolishness and bad habits that come out of your children overwhelm you and make you feeling like you are always correcting and scolding them to stop doing this or that? Do you wish that parenting was easier?

You are NOT alone!

In 2002, when I first created this curriculum to overcome my own overwhelming feelings, as I was preparing to welcome our third child into our home, and I was witnessing all kinds of character flaws in my then 6 and 8 year old children. I needed a solution, and one that would empower my parenting, while building good character in their lives.

At first, I used this curriculum when my children were displaying shortcomings in their behavior. If they were lying, I would have them write scriptures on truth. If they were being selfish, I would have them write scriptures on love. It amazed me how peaceful my parenting became and how quickly my children grew in the knowledge of Scripture and in character.



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