Self Education (Softcover)


The vision of the Charlotte Mason way is to give your children the right elements of education to arrive to self education. Implementing these elements of education will naturally lead to self education, which develops life long learners that are motivated to learn beyond their lessons


When I started using the Charlotte Mason way in 2000, I was clueless of how it was all going to come together and benefit my children. All I knew is that it resonated with me, and the simplicity compelled me to continue. I stayed structured to this method of education and it didn’t take long for us to see the fruits of this way.

Without realizing the keys that were unlocking self education, our children were motivated learners in different areas and self educating themselves long after the lessons were put away for the day.

Taking a step back and seeing how each method implemented were the keys that were creating the self education drive in my children, and see past the methods, I then understood that ‘self education’ was in fact the pinnacle ideal of the Charlotte Mason way.

Allow me to share with you just what these keys are, and how to implement them for the results we found in our educating the Charlotte Mason way.


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