Are you struggling with a lack of joy in your life?

Mundane days, filled with busyness can easily chip away your joy, especially when you allow thoughts to overtake your mind a little at a time. Take some time for yourself now and find your joy again.


About The Book

Identify What Is Stealing Your Joy

In my early thirties, I lost my joy. I was living my dream, and had the perfect life, but I allowed my own reflections to rob my joy. It was one of the most difficult times in my home life, and I was to blame. I become transparent in what reflections were robbing me of having joy for the blessings I had all around me.

Become Intentional About Your Joy

Once I recognized what I had done, and how desperately I wanted to change my reflections to regain my joy, I began my journey to joy with intentional reflections. I share each step of my journey and the steps I took to change my reflections to experience more joy than I thought possible. 

Includes Intentional Reflections Journaling with Adult Coloring 

Journaling your journey can help you make progress quicker, and with amazing results. Often times, these intentional reflections can take a while to process, so I have added adult coloring on each journaling page to help you in the process. Being intentional in your reflections is key to your joy, and now your reflection time can be more enjoyable. 

A Peek Inside

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What Other People Think

  • This book had me from the start. It was as if Dollie was telling my story. “I thought I understood what joy was, and how it looked. Boy, was I really wrong!” How many of us can relate to that statement! 

    I lost my joy somewhere in my early/mid thirties. With seven children at home and a husband gone all the time traveling with work; I felt alone. I didn’t want anyone to know that I didn’t have everything together but I was living a fake outward appearance. I was sad, lonely and had expectations that were just not reasonable. Not to mention in any way shape or form..scriptural.

    It took a friend inviting me to a bible study on being a woman of faith to show me that I was just marking time.. I wasn’t living. I had lost my joy and spark in life. 

    Comparison leads to discontentment and that leads to depression. 

    I enjoyed reading this book. I am looking forward to working through the pages now that I feel that I am grounded again. I am using this to help me spot any weak spots or cracks that might allow the evil one to slip in and start stirring the pot again. 

    This book is a well thought out and organized plan of attack for those that may be struggling with the lost feeling or if you are just missing the joy in the little things.

    Sherryl Wilson

    Simply Sherryl

About The Author

Hey there! I'm Dollie, a 40+ year old wife stuck in the honeymoon mind-set of marriage, the thrills of homeschooling, and the excitement of being a keeper of the home... but only on the days that I keep my heart on the things that matter most!

Dollie Freeman

Finding Joy in the Journey

Finding Joy in the Journey: Intentional Reflections of the Heart - We often hear that joy is a choice, but we don't always hear how to make the right choices that will safe guard our joy, let alone increase it. Key reflections can take you from a place of lost joy to overwhelming joy. I know because this is my journey.

Includes: Journaling pages with adult coloring available on each page.