Are you ready to experience joy in your homeschooling?

Do you struggle with starting the homeschool year full of expectations to only have your perfect plans derailed, and your homeschool turns into a burden instead of the joy you had planned?


About The Book

A Joyfilled Year Is More Than Curriculum

This ebook will walk you through the proven steps that have produced a joyfilled homeschool year after year, and it goes beyond the choice of curriculum. 

27 Hacks (Or Steps) to a Joyfilled Year

With this 27 chapter ebook, you'll see how each hack builds on the other, and why each step is so important for your unique family to get the most out of your homeschool journey.

A Joyfilled Year is Possible

This ebook will help you get organized, even if you struggle with organization, because each hack is easy to implement year after year. You will see that your heart's desire of having joy in homeschool is more than possible, it is easy!

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What Other People Think

  • If we are not careful, homeschooling can become a chore instead of a joy.  Those feelings of dreading the homeschooling day will transfer to your children and their view of education as a whole.  Finding Joy in Homeschooling: 27 Hacks for a Joy-filled Year is a must read for moms during every homeschool break.  The 27 hacks that Dollie teaches are great points of action for new homeschoolers and veterans alike.  
    From practical planning and list-making activities to determining the character training needs of the family, reading and applying the tasks listed in Finding Joy in Homeschooling will help ensure that your homeschool year is joyful and fruitful. 
    Melissa Langford

    Blessed Simplicity

About The Author

Hey there! I'm Dollie, a 40+ year old wife stuck in the honeymoon mind-set of marriage, the thrills of homeschooling, and the excitement of being a keeper of the home... but only on the days that I keep my heart on the things that matter most!

Dollie Freeman

Finding Joy in Homeschooling

Finding Joy in Homeschooling: 27 Hacks to a Joy-filled Year is a collection of tried and proven step-by-step actions that I have taken from one year to the next to ensure that our homeschooling experiences joy, no matter what the year will bring.