The CHarlotte Mason Way
Online Course

Gain lifetime access to a lifetime of learning.

About The Charlotte Mason Way Course

If you're looking for something that will help you get more out of your homeschool decision to use the Charlotte Mason way to educate your children this series of 14 online video Course is for you.

Assignments to Begin Implementing

In addition to great information for you to implement the Charlotte Mason way, each video will have an ‘assignment’ for you to help you learn how to implement that focused method into your own homeschool.  Of course, this is optional but helpful for those ready to take their homeschool into a joyful place with the Charlotte Mason way.

Preschool to High School Grades

This one purchase can benefit your homeschool journey from preschool through high school for all of your children, making it one of the most important non-consumable resources yet!

Lifetime Access

You will gain lifetime access to this course, allowing you to watch these videos again and again, whenever you feel like you need a refresher. 

"The Charlotte Mason Way Course has taken this overwhelmed homeschool mama from clueless to confident. What once seemed like an intimidating and complicated approach to homeschooling, has become comforting and achievable to me through Dollie's gentle guidance. It was like having a good friend hold my hand as I learned how to implement the Charlotte Mason Way into my own homeschool.

I appreciated how easy it was to be led in detail through the principles of Charlotte Mason homeschooling right from my own home. I know this is a resource I will return to for inspiration as I continue to pursue an atmosphere of education in my home."

- Jo Anderson from Lasting Thumbprints

"In the Charlotte Mason Way Course, Dollie presents a solid foundation for teaching with Charlotte’s methods. Each of the videos in this course will help you become a better teacher and inspire your students - the Charlotte Mason Way.

I love Dollie's heart to teach and her willingness to share years of experience and success through personal videos that show you her heart for homeschooling.

- Amy Blevins from Encouraging Moms at Home