Want to bring more scripture into your home and family?

In our own home, we recite scripture when we are struggling, blessed, afraid, discouraged or encouraging each other. We see scripture as the foundation for our home and our family. Without it, I’m not sure where we would be today.


About The Book

Build Your Family With Scripture

This ebook contains key verses that are important to a family of all ages. These verses will help solidify your family's faith even in the busiest schedule.

Includes 32 Scripture Cards

Print out the 32 scripture cards, laminate and work on them as a family. These make memorization easier when you can work through them as they pertain to your daily life. 

Simple and Effective

Children are use to flash cards, so implementing scripture cards are simple and effective.  It turns memory work into fun. 

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What Other People Think

  • It is so important to me to raise my kids on a firm foundation of God’s Word. I’m always on the lookout for one more way to feed their souls (and mine) with scripture. Build Your House with Scripture Cards fills another spot in my resource toolbox. The scriptures included in this book cover so many topics that come up in our daily family life - hard work, trust, obedience, wisdom, and more. The cards will be nice to have on hand when we need a specific scripture to reference as we work to build our family every day. 
    Tara Mitchell

    Embark on the Journey

About The Author

Hey there! I'm Dollie, a 40+ year old wife stuck in the honeymoon mind-set of marriage, the thrills of homeschooling, and the excitement of being a keeper of the home... but only on the days that I keep my heart on the things that matter most!

Dollie Freeman

Build Your House with Scripture Cards

Build Your House with Scripture Cards  includes 32 scripture cards, a perfect way to bring a scripture focus into your house, while keeping up with the demands of everyday life. Beautiful cards that are perfect for printing (and perhaps laminating) for easy memorization for the whole family. A joyful family memorizes scriptures together.